Agnes Kalibata. (Photo/CIFOR/Flickr).

Week’s Big Number: Africa Needs $400 Billion If It Is To Eat Tomorrow

AFRICA may need as much as $400 billion of investment in food production over the next decade to meet the continent’s needs, according to a new report.

“It could require $315 billion to $400 billion over the next 10 years in public and private sector investments in all aspects of food production, processing, marketing and transport,” the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa said in an e-mailed report Tuesday.

“The food-import deficit currently in Africa is $35 billion annually and could grow to $110 billion in the next decade, if we do nothing,” AGRA President Agnes Kalibata said earlier Monday in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. “We need to bring our leadership on board to keep the momentum and move our farmers from subsistence farming to profitable business.”


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