Besiege posted a photograph on his Facebook page of him getting a haircut from a Ugandan's salon in the UK.

Uganda Is A Young Country With An Old Dictatorship, Says Opposition Leader Besigye

UGANDA opposition leader, and President Yoweri Museveni main challenger in the February elections, Kizza Besigye, has written a scathing article about the state of affairs of his country in Newsweek.

Besigye is on first trip outside Uganda since the chaotic February 18 general election, in which Museveni was declared winner.

Following the violence-marred vote, Besigye was arrested and charged with treason. In August, the High Court granted him bail, thus enabling to travel to the UK and the US.

In the article, Besigye alleges that: “Under Museveni, corruption has become the way Uganda works, not the way it fails. The stench of corruption seems to go to the top.

“We now have in Uganda—a supposedly constitutional republic—a government where Museveni’s son runs the military, his wife is the education minister, his brother-in-law is the foreign affairs minister, and his brother is the Mr Fix-It-All (officially, in charge of “wealth creation”). Many other Museveni relatives and cronies manage the vital institutions of the state.’

READ the full article HERE.


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