Perils Of Baksheesh: North Africa Shows The Threat Corruption Poses To The Economy And Security Of Nations

ON  December 17, 2010, young Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight in front of the local governor’s office in an ultimate attempt to denounce corruption and injustice in his country. This act of despair triggered the Arab Spring. Eight years later, despite the government’s sustained efforts, corruption seems to be more prevalent in Tunisia than it was under former president …

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES part 3: To Love Beyonce And Manchester United, Is To Walk Away From The Barricades

Today’s young people are coming to the job market in a period of plenty, and lots of glitz everywhere. Part of their needs are shaped by “envy”

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES Part 1: What Bricks, Mortar, Yams And Cellphones Have To Do With It

‘Development’ have politically paralysed the new class of African middle class house owners. They want more, but cannot risk losing what they have. And the more that they want is not radical.

Disease, The Clock, The Gods, Greed And Stupidity Have Helped To Change Africa As Much As Democrats, Generals (The Sequel)

When dictator Mobutu succumbed to prostate cancer, it was the first time anyone would have anything good to say about the dreaded disease – and also the first time the cancer showed any revolutionary potential In “Democracy Is Dying Or Dead In Africa; The Continent Is Being Torn Apart – Yet That’s One Of The Best Things To Happen To …