In 1900 Africa Was Home To 120M People. Today Its 1.2Bn! Many Are Starving, But Leaders Don’t Want To Talk About It

The issue of land rights in Africa is a complex one. In many nations, the farmland was stolen, or purchased under suspiciously generous conditions.

Mugabe Soon Turns 93 And Has Been Ruling Zimbabwe For 36 Years: The Secret Of His Staying Power

The #ThisFlag movement attempted to construct a unified non-partisan agenda, but it has failed to translate its energies into actionable political and electoral items its momentum has largely fizzled

Understanding Zimbabwe: From Liberation to Authoritarianism – Looking Beyond Mugabe

Remarkably, the author explains that until the early 1990s, “only urban residents who were property-owners (and who likewise tended to be male) could vote in [Zimbabwe’s] local elections”

The Best Time To Be An African Autocrat Is When You Are Old And Senile: Why It’s Hard To Oust Mugabe And Bouteflika

The Mugabe death rumor mill, and the denials of the nonagenarian’s demise, form the most vibrant sector of Zimbabwean public life