It’s World’s Largest Such Deal In 23 Years: Africa’s Free Trade Area Offers So Much Promise, If Only…

And a young person in Africa is twice as likely to be unemployed when he or she becomes an adult, a particularly stressful situation given that over 70% of sub-Saharan Africa’s population is below age 30.

Can Weaving For Beyoncé And Top Fashion Brands Keep Africans From Migrating to Europe? The Burkina Faso Case

While while increasing prosperity in Africa may encourage some people to stay, ironically it also enables many more to leave for Europe and other places. Some governments, in fact, encourage legal migration.

In New Gambia, A Shocking Record Of Risky Migration To Europe Begins To Change With The Adama Barrow ‘Magic’

Nyabally’s parents sold the family’s land to send him the $5,600 he needed to pay his way out of a brutal prison in Libya – but he was robbed of the money by a gang.