Uganda Welcomes Refugees Warmly With The Left Hand, Then Steals From Them Big Time With the Right Hand

THE UN’s refugee agency wasted tens of millions of dollars in Uganda in 2017, overpaying for goods and services, awarding major contracts improperly, and failing to avoid fraud, corruption, and waste, according to a damning internal probe. The audit, by the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services, found multiple areas of mismanagement that were UNHCR’s responsibility, such as a $7.9 …

‘Ghost’ Nation With 745 Generals And A President Without A Bank Account: 10 Unbelievable Things About South Sudan

Early in 2015 the personal security budget of President Kiir increased 10,000%…and the ministry of Roads
overspent its budget by 1,513%

7 Things About Africa That Could Kill, Or Make You Rich If You Found A Solution To Them

The funeral industry is a huge business in South Africa. Of the 18.5 million adults who are insured, the vast majority are only insured for funerals