African Musicians ‘Fed Up’: Senegal’s Rappers Continue To ‘Cry From The Heart’ For A Better Society 

In many African countries musicians are in the vanguard of popular struggles. In Seun Kuti carries on the legacy of his father Fela by confronting the country’s venal political elite. In Burkina Faso rappers helped overthrow Blaise Compaore

‘Black Man’s Time’ Can Drive You To Suicide, But There’s A ‘Good’ Reason Why Africans Excel At It

THE frustration at the horrible time keeping of most Africans can easily drive you to suicide if you are thin-skinned or aren’t sufficiently cynical. Benin’s President Mathieu Kerekou has been known to keep participants waiting for him to open international conferences in the capital Porto Novo for eight hours. The participants sometimes won’t be fed or allowed to leave the conference …