Al-Shabaab Attacks, A Minister Dies, Opposition Leader Taken Ill, An Upset President: The Rocky Road To Kenya’s Elections

Last Friday night, nine people were beheaded in a village in the Kenyan coastal county of Lamu, in the latest of a slew of attacks allegedly carried out by jihadist militants.

France And Africa: Macron Sounds Ashamed Of Colonial Past, But His Words Shouldn’t Be Confused With Reality

To this day African countries such as Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Gabon, are required to deposit two-thirds of their foreign exchange surpluses into a French operations account.

With $8Bn Invested Across Continent, Egypt Could Boost Its Overlooked Peace And Economic Credentials In Africa

Egypt is one of the major contributors to the African Union budget – to the tune of 15%, up from 12%.