South Sudan Is An Unfinished And Broken State: Here’s The High Price Its People Have Paid For It

It’s the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis. One million have crossed into Uganda, and an additional “million or even more” are in Ethiopia, Kenya, DR Congo, and Central African Republic.

What South Sudan Needs: There’s Famine, Yes, But More People Still Die From Bullets Than Starvation

4.1 in 10,000 people starved to death per day across South Sudan’s Mayendit county – which is about 10 times the average global death rate

S. Africa ‘Restricts’ South Sudan Rebel Leader Machar, But Gives Freedom To Rwanda’s Dissidents. Why?

Three weeks ago when Riek Machar tried to return to eastern Africa, he was denied entry by Sudan and Ethiopia. Both countries were traditionally hospitable to him

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse, South Sudan Conflict Enters New More Dangerous Phase

South Sudan is a country held to ransom by the “gun class”. It’s a zero-sum game for who will be king of the hill in Juba