For Parts Of Africa, It’s Been Worst Drought In Decades: Expect More Yearly Disasters, Floods, And Diseases, Now Experts Warn

The droughts in eastern and southern Africa beginning in 2015 have affected tens of millions of people. These conditions will become the new normal as climate change takes its toll

28 African Leaders Were In Power When Hillary Clinton Was US Foreign Minister. If She Wins, How Many Could She Leave Still In Office?

The combination of improved life expectancy, greater political stability, and the shift toward presidency-for-life, means that as Africa becomes the world’s youngest continent, it will also have some of its oldest leaders

From Central, East To The Horn Of Africa, It Has Been A Fast And Furious 20 Years

So, as we reported in “How Guns And Bombs Dramatically Redrew The Economic And Political Map Of East Africa”, (, after 1998, nothing would be the same in East Africa, the Great Lakes Region, or the Horn of Africa. The decision by Democratic Republic of Congo President Laurent Kabila, seen as a lackey, to expel his supposed “puppet” masters Rwanda …