Regional Risks To Somalia’s Moment Of Hope As Farmajo Takes Office: He’ll Need To Handle Kenya, Ethiopia With Kid Gloves

Because of tensions over River Nile, the speed with which Cairo has moved to embrace the new Somali president is bound to increase Ethiopia’s anxieties at the growing Arab influence in the country.

President Farmajo Defied Corruption And Pulled Off A Shock Victory In Somalia Vote: A Troubled Land Hopes For Change – Again

While Farmajo’s victory puts a positive spin on Somalia’s political contest, it does not mask the faults exposed during a corrupted vote marked by electoral manipulation

10 Conflicts To Watch In The World In 2017: Here Are The Three Deadly Ones From Africa

The UN peacekeeping mission in the DR Congo is its largest…and the one in Mali is mostly dangerous, with 70 personnel killed by “malicious acts” since 2013