What South Sudan Needs: There’s Famine, Yes, But More People Still Die From Bullets Than Starvation

4.1 in 10,000 people starved to death per day across South Sudan’s Mayendit county – which is about 10 times the average global death rate

From Central, East To The Horn Of Africa, It Has Been A Fast And Furious 20 Years

So, as we reported in “How Guns And Bombs Dramatically Redrew The Economic And Political Map Of East Africa”, (http://nakedchiefs.com/2012/06/12/how-guns-and-bombs-dramatically-redrew-the-economic-and-political-map-of-east-africa-and-the-horn/), after 1998, nothing would be the same in East Africa, the Great Lakes Region, or the Horn of Africa. The decision by Democratic Republic of Congo President Laurent Kabila, seen as a lackey, to expel his supposed “puppet” masters Rwanda …