For Parts Of Africa, It’s Been Worst Drought In Decades: Expect More Yearly Disasters, Floods, And Diseases, Now Experts Warn

The droughts in eastern and southern Africa beginning in 2015 have affected tens of millions of people. These conditions will become the new normal as climate change takes its toll

A Tour Of Robert Mugabe’s Complex Early And Later Legacies: From Breadbasket To Basket Case

Mugabe received a scholarship to Fort Hare University. There he met future leaders like Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere and Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda. His political ideology solidified after moving to Ghana to teach in 1957

Africa In The Next 10 Years: What Happens When Zimbabwe’s Mugabe And Dos Santos In Angola Are Gone? (Part 2)

Strange as it might sound, the prospects for a post-dos Santos Angola seem better than for a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe