Raped, Injected With Poison, Entire Family Murdered: One Woman’s Story In Central African Republic

“They took me to the bush, where I stayed for almost two weeks with my hands tied behind my back. Every day, they raped and brutalised us”

CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 5: Circling The Wagons, And The Smell Of Diamonds, Oil, And Money In Air

UNLESS you are from Southern Africa, then perhaps you haven’t heard that a young smart businessman called Khulubuse Zuma is engaged to Swazi Princess Fiksiwe. Fiksiwe is half-sister to Swaziland King Mswati. Mswati’s many extravagant weddings, harem, the Umhlanga (the annual reed where young maidens parade  barechest before the monarch) over which he presides, are perhaps the most famous things …