S. Africa ‘Restricts’ South Sudan Rebel Leader Machar, But Gives Freedom To Rwanda’s Dissidents. Why?

Three weeks ago when Riek Machar tried to return to eastern Africa, he was denied entry by Sudan and Ethiopia. Both countries were traditionally hospitable to him

No End To South Sudan’s Deadly Conflict: The Fighting Will Continue With The Children, Some Fear

“If they [Dinka] get you, they will slaughter you like a chicken,” one witness said. Another says he saw anti-government rebels raping a woman with a stick in the street

South Sudan: The Collapse Of An Experiment Leaves An Ugly Ethnic And Political War In Its Wake

Some estimate that South Sudan’s death toll rivals Syria’s. Its war is politically driven by the “King of the Hill” logic of a crude state formation

The Threat Of Genocide Is Now High In South Sudan. Who Will Prevent The Catastrophe?

The government response to dissent has historically been brutal. Civilians increasingly targeted and persecuted in a scorched earth counter-insurgency campaign in the southern region of Equatoria