Fidel Castro, Liberation, And An Old Affair: How Even African Anti-Communists Came To Love The Cuban Leader (Part 1)

Sections of the African political elite were suspicious and even hostile to Cuba (and the Soviet Union) for years – a series of surprised events in the 1980s conspired to change that

Tweeting And WhatsApping The Revolution: Will Africa’s Young People Inherit The Political Kingdom, Or Burn It Down?

The lack of regular free, fair and competitive elections is what is most frustrating to people in places like Zimbabwe, Uganda, Gabon, Cameroon, Burundi, Congo and Ethiopia

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES part 4: Who ‘Ate’ The Uprising? And What Did Terrorism And China Have To Do With It?

Terrorism forced many technology and security sector reforms that strengthened otherwise rickety African state structures and better enabled them to hold on to power.