‘Fideri’ Castro, Liberation, And A Strange Affair: How African Anti-Communists Too Came To Love The Cuban Leader (Part 2)

The Battle of Cuito Canavale was easily the biggest military confrontation in modern Africa since World War II. Both apartheid South Africa, and Cuba and Angola, claimed victory

Fidel Castro, Liberation, And An Old Affair: How Even African Anti-Communists Came To Love The Cuban Leader (Part 1)

Sections of the African political elite were suspicious and even hostile to Cuba (and the Soviet Union) for years – a series of surprised events in the 1980s conspired to change that

The West Didn’t And The East Won’t Make Africa Rich…We Can’t Run Away From Doing Our Own Heavy Lifting

Many Africans embrace this “East is better” mantra heartily because it’s sweet payback for the West for its sins against the continent at the height of the imperialist era. However, there are two problems with it.