With Hope Resting On Ramaphosa, He Sets Out A Bold Vision For South Africa. Can He Pull It Off?

The “Rainbow nation” seems to have revealed all its ugly stripes over the past few years: a rise in incidents of racism, tribalism, xenophobia, factionalism and continued high levels of gender-based violence.

‘I Will Not Be Just Average’: How Football Took Aloh Francis From Uganda’s Warzone To Vietnam And Back

More than 50 years ago, six footballers from northern travelled to England. Famously playing barefoot, they defeated the Great British Olympic team 2-1. One of them, Okot p’Bitek, remained to study, going on to become a renowned East African poet.

Does Trump’s ‘America First’ Cry Sound Familiar? ‘Rhodesia First, Last, And Always’ Racist White Nationalists Used It Too

In Rhodesia the racists opposed the decolonisation wave. Trump headlines an anti-globalisation movement. Ian Smith famously vowed that the tiny white minority would rule modern-day Zimbabwe for 1,000 years. He was wrong