Somaliland Changed Its Leader Democratically For Third Time In 14 Years – Impressive For An Unrecognised Nation, But Danger Lurks

Despite a peaceful and democratic poll, voting occurred largely along clan lines, perpetuating the politicisation of the clan.

A Dangerous Military Race In Horn Of Africa: How The Gulf Crisis Could Lead Ethiopia, Eritrea And Djibouti To War

A meeting of the Nile Basin states called by Ugandan President Museveni broke down, a reflection of growing Egyptian-Ethiopian tensions. Egypt meanwhile is boosting military cooperation with Eritrea.

The Dirty Business Of Illegal Fishing And Piracy: How Somalia’s Pirates Are Both Heroes And Villains

Piracy drove away many illegal fishing vessels from the Horn of Africa. Fishing stocks recovered, even thrived, as the risk of being captured by pirates – who have an especial hatred towards illegal fishing – was so great.