Africa Must Industrialise If It Wants To Become Truly Rich – Everything Else Is Just Spitting In The Ocean

Manufacturing in Africa is six times more productive than agriculture. The growth in services on the continent has contributed to no or slow growth in overall per capita income.

From Rigged Elections To Armed Conflict: What Fuels Instability In Africa, And What Can Be Done About It

By 2030, 32% of Africans – forecast at 548 million – are likely to live in extreme poverty. Africa is quite unequal, so growth does not translate into poverty reduction.

By 2050 Nearly 1.4 Billion Africans – 58% Of Continent’s Population – Will Live In Cities. Here’s What It Means In 10 Charts

Today, almost 90% of Gabon’s population lives in urban areas while hardly 12% of Burundians do