A Big Fight Over Size Of Elephant Kill In Botswana: Too Important To Be Just A Numbers Game

Botswana’s “shoot-to-kill” approach toward poachers turned out to be as contentious as it was effective.

Sudan The Rhino’s Death Played Out Differently In Africa This Time…Because It Told A Troubling Story About Us

In Africa diligent environmental management, is a fairly reliable proxy for broader good governance. Efficient and less corrupt governments tend to be better conservationists

The Ivory Trade Is Brutal – And Complicated – Business: Power And Poaching In Africa

Anyone who believes that China’s recent pledge to ban the ivory trade by the end of 2017 will make a difference to the threat hanging over African elephants will have a rude awakening after reading this book

The Battle Between Man And Nature: In The Lands South Of Nairobi, Wildlife Suffers Deadly Blows

In the Athi-Kaputiei ecosystem, between 1977 and 2014 the number of Thomson’s gazelles declined by over 70%, impalas by more than 86% and others, including giraffes, by at least 64% – 84%