Gabon Is At A Standstill With President Bongo Away Ill, But His Mother-In-Law Has Saved His Job – For Now

The state basically recognised the president’s incapacity to continue holding office, while also refusing to follow the constitution. The Senate president would have assumed the position and called elections in 30-60 days.

There Are Fewer And Fewer Outright Dictatorships In Africa; Welcome To The New Era Of  ‘Masquerade Democracies’

Nearly all of Africa has opposition parties – which is more than can be said for China. While opposition leaders face intimidation, their troubles are minor in comparison to the deadly retribution meted out in Russia

In Face Of Brexit And As Trump Turns Back On Rest Of The World, Africa Sticks Together – But Many Hurdles Remain

Africa Day is a good occasion to reflect on progress of the African Union. It has come a long way, but two years after the launch of its reforms effort, there are still notable divisions between member states and regions