Can Weaving For Beyoncé And Top Fashion Brands Keep Africans From Migrating to Europe? The Burkina Faso Case

While while increasing prosperity in Africa may encourage some people to stay, ironically it also enables many more to leave for Europe and other places. Some governments, in fact, encourage legal migration.

West Africa Issues Wake-Up Call To Africa’s Tyrants: Holding Former Rulers Accountable For Atrocities Catching On In Region?

The rest of the continent has so far remained largely immune from the contagion of international criminal justice sweeping West Africa.

POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Why Africa’s Cities Are The Dirtiest In The World, And ‘Village Food’ Is Bad For Towns (How It Began)

 The story begins in this first part, with why flush toilets and garbage trucks are “unAfrican” – and what that has to do with dirty streets in many African cities.  Of the world’s 25 dirtiest cities, 16 – or 64 percent of them – are in Africa. Well, at least that was the story in 2008 when Forbes magazine did …