Justice In Northern Uganda: Inside The Aftermath Of The 20-Year War Between LRA Rebels And The Museveni Government

Some services that NGOs supported tended to focus on sexual violence from a stranger and not the overwhelmingly more common forms of sexual violence such as intimate partner violence.

‘I Will Not Be Just Average’: How Football Took Aloh Francis From Uganda’s Warzone To Vietnam And Back

More than 50 years ago, six footballers from northern travelled to England. Famously playing barefoot, they defeated the Great British Olympic team 2-1. One of them, Okot p’Bitek, remained to study, going on to become a renowned East African poet.

More Than 10 Years Later, It’s Still Hell; Women Carry The Burden Of Ugandan War Trauma

A study found that northern Uganda had the highest rate of post-traumatic stress and depression ever recorded among displaced and conflict-affected populations anywhere in the world.

Where Plastic Jerrycans Are Gold, And ‘VIP Latrines’ Become Foodstores; Why Tribal Analysis Of Africa’s Problems Is A Fail

FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO VIEW AFRICA’S PROBLEMS THROUGH ETHNIC LENSES, there is always more than enough evidence to cast their outlook in doubt. Take Uganda. Some people like to think that because President Yoweri Museveni is from the west, the people of that region, especially his Ankole region, are “eating” and having a party while the rest of the …