Nigeria Is Punching Well Below Its Weight Despite Having Huge Soft Power Capacity

Now the world’s second largest movie producer, Nigeria’s Nollywood has displaced the USA’s Hollywood and India’s Bollywood as the most important movie industry on the African continent.

4 Africa Trends: From Nigeria, A Nation That Refuses To Die; To South Africa, A Ruling Party Which Still Has Oomph

Egypt’s Sisi gets it right on dealing with African flight to Europe, and Morocco learns an unlikely lesson from South Sudan’s troubles

The Curse Of Sisyphus: Why Democracy Isn’t Necessarily Good For Press Freedom In Africa

THINGS ARE KIND OF LOOKING UP FOR FREEDOM IN AFRICA. More Africans today under elected governments than at any other time in recent history. And at first glance press freedom, where Africa used to score notoriously badly, seems to be in relatively good health. The Arab Spring, which overthrew dictatorships in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, has unleashed long-pent-up energies among the …