A Rough Guide To Foreign Military Bases In Africa: You’ll Be Surprised How Many There Are

The lease on the only permanent US military base in Africa, Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti is $63M a year. China, building its own facility at the other end of the Gulf of Tadjoura, gets a bargain at $20M

While Others Ran High-Profile Campaigns, He And President Déby Lobbied Leaders Quietly For A Win: Who Really Is New AU Commission Chief Faki?

Faki was presented as a consensus candidate who was not as “unpredictable” as either Kenya’s Mohamed or Senegal’s Bathily on key issues facing the continental body

These 60 Photographs Might Just Change The Way You Think – Or Feel – About Africa

A plague near the entrance to Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Cathedral in Asmara, Eritrea, lists Benito Mussolini as a donor.

POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Why Africa’s Cities Are The Dirtiest In The World, And ‘Village Food’ Is Bad For Towns (How It Began)

 The story begins in this first part, with why flush toilets and garbage trucks are “unAfrican” – and what that has to do with dirty streets in many African cities.  Of the world’s 25 dirtiest cities, 16 – or 64 percent of them – are in Africa. Well, at least that was the story in 2008 when Forbes magazine did …