Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: A Well Told Story Of Liberia’s Two-Time President And Africa’s First Elected Female President

Sirleaf’s parents were adopted rather than born into Liberia’s dominant minority, targets of the “Christian duty” felt by many wealthy Americo-Liberian families to liberate “tribal children” from rural areas.

The Story Of A Great Kenyan Polygamist, Uganda’s Warrior Queen, And African Chiefs And Big Men

October 3, 2012 was the second anniversary of the death of Ancentus Ogwella Akuku, who was better known as Akuku Danger. A Wikipedia entrance repeats the popular story that Akuku was nicknamed “Danger” because “women were very attracted by his handsome looks”. He died on October 3, 2010, aged 94. The Wikipedia post says Akuku Danger married his first wife …