DR Congo’s Bad Year Is About To Get Worse, As Kabila Family Clocks 20 Years On Top Of The Mess

Even opposition veteran Tshisekedi’s body has become a source of political tension. The government has not agreed on a location to bury him in Congo and so it has remained in Brussels.

Paying The Hidden Price For DR Congo’s Conflict-Free Minerals: Trump May Be Right In Ending Ban

MMR, which enjoys a monopoly, has been buying Congo coltan for $20-24 per kilo, whereas one trader said he sold ore in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, a few months ago for more than $50 per kilo.

Buying Time In DRC? Kabila Has Made Farewell Noises, But That Doesn’t Mean He Will Leave

Did Kabila give in to pressure from Angola and others, or has he calculated that the new accord will fail sooner or later and that he now won’t have to take the blame for it?

Kabila’s Gamble Throws Congo Into Crisis: If He Continues In Power, He’ll ‘Rule Over Dead Bodies’

Most civil servants, policemen and soldiers, earn less than $100 a month. The system encourages graft, and is another tax on a citizenry struggling to survive