Mogadishu Locks A Former Al-Shabaab Bossman Out Of The Presidency Of Somalia’s South West State – And Shoots Itself In The Foot

By brazenly interfering in local Somali election politics, Addis Ababa is yet again inflaming anti-Ethiopian sentiments.

A Dangerous Military Race In Horn Of Africa: How The Gulf Crisis Could Lead Ethiopia, Eritrea And Djibouti To War

A meeting of the Nile Basin states called by Ugandan President Museveni broke down, a reflection of growing Egyptian-Ethiopian tensions. Egypt meanwhile is boosting military cooperation with Eritrea.

Regional Risks To Somalia’s Moment Of Hope As Farmajo Takes Office: He’ll Need To Handle Kenya, Ethiopia With Kid Gloves

Because of tensions over River Nile, the speed with which Cairo has moved to embrace the new Somali president is bound to increase Ethiopia’s anxieties at the growing Arab influence in the country.