Paying The Hidden Price For DR Congo’s Conflict-Free Minerals: Trump May Be Right In Ending Ban

MMR, which enjoys a monopoly, has been buying Congo coltan for $20-24 per kilo, whereas one trader said he sold ore in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, a few months ago for more than $50 per kilo.

Everyone Talks About Agriculture And It Ends There, But Here’s A Smart Way To Help African Farmers Tackle Climate Change

The UN recommends there should be one extension worker for every 400 farmers. In the rich world, the ratio is roughly one to 200, but in Africa it’s closer to one to 3,000!

The Internet Has Been Blocked, It’s Election Time In Africa: A Continent’s New Political War In Cyberspace

In Africa many times it is not the voters who decide the winner, but those who count and announce the results. Expect the fight to control the internet, which can define who the victor is, to be even more furious in future