A Brilliant But Depressing Book To Read: The Real Politics Of The Horn Of Africa

Politics in the Horn is best understood as a marketplace, where the currency is money and violence.

Africa’s Emerging Middle Class Insecure And Weak. The Real Powerbrokers Are Still Those At The Top Of Wealth Pyramid

Supposed middle class characteristics, like support for democracy, no stronger among African middle class than among the working or upper classes.

LETTER FROM A FRIEND: The Youth Won’t Change Africa, ‘Only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender Folks’ Will

TIME for another Letter From A Friend. The last time I shared some thoughts from my friend MD in the Diaspora was in May. It is always fun discussing and arguing with MD…he is well read, and an extreme free thinker. He’s back, contrarian, and controversial as ever. MD emailed me to say: I have just finished reading a book …