Beyond Education And Innovation, The Creative Arts Might Just Be What Will Give Back ‘Fallen’ Nigeria Its Mojo

Nollywood contributes 1.42%of Nigeria’s GDP, and the sub-Saharan fashion market is estimated at US$31 billion, or one tenth of the global market.

Like Others Before Him, Meles Failed To See That There’s A Smarter Way To Be A Dictator In Africa: The Limits Of The ‘Authoritarian Bargain’ (Part II)

On September 2, 2012, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was buried in the capital Addis Ababa. It was an emotional event, and the high and mighty of Africa all assembled, and messages poured in from all over the world. However, many Ethiopians who hated Zenawi, a man they viewed as an autocrat and dangerous tribalist, were instead celebrating his demise. …