The CFA Franc Is A Colonial Relic And Symbol Of French Monetary Imperialism In Africa That Needs To End

The West African nations in the CFA zone are required to deposit 50% of their foreign exchange reserves in a special French Treasury “operating account”. At one point it was 100%!

Gambia Crisis: Why Is West Africa Eager To Intervene, But Other Regional Groups Are Soft On Rogue Leaders?

Unlike other regions of Africa, there’s a growing body of former opposition leaders in power in ECOWAS, including Nigeria’s Buhari, Liberia’s Sirleaf and Senegal’s Sall. They know the pain

Senegal: The Politics Of Death, The Sweet Memories Of Diouf’s Graceful Exit, And Why Abdoulaye Wade Could Win Election Because He Is The Worst Candidate

At the age of 85, most men and women are grateful that they have the eyesight, hearing, and energy to play with their great grandchildren. Not so Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade. He fiddled the rules to so he could run for president a third time although the constitution bars it. So instead going home after two terms in power, he …