The Epidemic Of Rebellion In Eastern DR Congo: More Insurgent Groups Than You Can Shake A Stick At

In Beni Territory attacks have led more than 81,000 commercial farmers to abandon their fields and to a total revenue loss of some $1.9 billion.

Rwandans Feel The Pinch As Burundi Economic Fallout Hits Home – For Now Kagame Holds His Horses

“The oranges we have are from Tanzania. The mangoes are from Uganda. But they are not as good as Burundian fruit”

CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 7: The UN, M23 Rebels, And The Tutsi Fear Of Another Genocide

SO WE ARRIVE at the place where we are today, with eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on fire again. But I must just tell one seemingly unrelated story. In early May of 2010 I was in Milan for some African brainiac event. I met a good chap who had been a close aide of former South African president Thabo …