Democracy, Dictatorship And The Circle Of Economic Growth In Africa: It Really Is Complicated

The Asian Tigers, as well as China, Ethiopia and Rwanda, support the view that autocracies grow more rapidly than democracies – but often lack the leadership renewal that regular free and and fair elections bring about

Black Panther Continues To Break Records: Reflections On Wakanda, Afrofuturism And What Make This Movie Unique

Set in fictional Wakanda, a vibranium resource-rich and technologically advanced African country, it shattered records by selling more advance tickets than any previous superhero movie

Tweeting And WhatsApping The Revolution: Will Africa’s Young People Inherit The Political Kingdom, Or Burn It Down?

The lack of regular free, fair and competitive elections is what is most frustrating to people in places like Zimbabwe, Uganda, Gabon, Cameroon, Burundi, Congo and Ethiopia