Many DR Congo Musicians Have Been Fed By Politicians Since Colonial Times; Is That Likely To Change Under Tshisekedi?

A well-loved Congolese dance of 2005, Kisanola, (meaning a comb) also involves a movement representing the shaving of one’s hair to the bone – a metaphor for how the DRC people have had everything taken from them.

Congo’s Kabila Overstays His Welcome, And Faces Off With A People Hungry For Both Change And Bread

Former PM Ponyo complained that he had no control over large parts of the economy, including the mammoth parastatal mining company Gecamines, and that he had to “navigate crocodile infested waters”

Kabila’s Gamble Throws Congo Into Crisis: If He Continues In Power, He’ll ‘Rule Over Dead Bodies’

Most civil servants, policemen and soldiers, earn less than $100 a month. The system encourages graft, and is another tax on a citizenry struggling to survive