Paying The Hidden Price For DR Congo’s Conflict-Free Minerals: Trump May Be Right In Ending Ban

MMR, which enjoys a monopoly, has been buying Congo coltan for $20-24 per kilo, whereas one trader said he sold ore in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, a few months ago for more than $50 per kilo.

Rwandans Feel The Pinch As Burundi Economic Fallout Hits Home – For Now Kagame Holds His Horses

“The oranges we have are from Tanzania. The mangoes are from Uganda. But they are not as good as Burundian fruit”

These 60 Photographs Might Just Change The Way You Think – Or Feel – About Africa

A plague near the entrance to Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Cathedral in Asmara, Eritrea, lists Benito Mussolini as a donor.

How Kigali, Nairobi Smell In The Morning Reveals A Lot About Them: The ‘Jogger’s Dipstick Index’

IT HAS BEEN A WHILE since I did the morning jogger’s “dipstick index” of an African city. The last two serious ones were of Bujumbura, and the Lesotho capital Maseru. It is a simple test, really. You go out running in the morning (or in my case, given that I no longer bubble with youthful athleticism, half-walking-half-trotting), and you see …