Hello Addis Ababa, Kampala, Lomé, Nairobi And Africa’s Many ‘Nature Cities’, Here’s A Toast To Your Roots

Those who think that Africans have no strong relationship with nature, or need more education and convincing about wildlife and wildlands, there’s history to prove them wrong

I Visited IBM Research Africa’s Lab And Didn’t Get A Lousy T-Shirt…I Did Better

 So yesterday our (Nation Media Group) CEO Linus Gitahi, Online managing editor Churchill Otieno, Business Daily managing editor Ochieng Rapuro, and yours truly visited with IBM Research Africa lab at the Catholic University, in Nairobi’s Karen suburb. How come Catholic University? Well, when IBM chose to locate its first research lab in Africa in Nairobi, it also decided that it …

LETTER FROM A FRIEND: Why Ugandans Work Only 130 Days In A Year

SO WE RETURN with Letter From A Friend, this one a good buddy whom I shall refer to, according to the custom, by initials JW: “The last few days have been hectic for [Uganda capital] Kampala’s residents. We have had the kind of traffic jams we never witnessed before, with motorists and commuters spending up to 2 hours to travel …

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES Part 1: What Bricks, Mortar, Yams And Cellphones Have To Do With It

‘Development’ have politically paralysed the new class of African middle class house owners. They want more, but cannot risk losing what they have. And the more that they want is not radical.