Africans Are Making A Rich Contribution To Australia’s Modern Soundtrack: Meet Some Of The Best

In recent years, increasing numbers of people have moved from all parts of Africa to Australia. Two years ago as many as 380,000 people indicated in a census that they were born in Africa.

Can Jazz Be ‘Woke’ Or Is It ‘Just Compressed Air Through A Metal Tube’? South African Musicians Answer The Question

Music has always been at the forefront and the arts still need to ask ‘Who are we?’ and speak truth to power

A Film Misrepresents Jazz Great Miles Davis In The Life Of A South African Freedom Fighter

For South Africans aspiring to freedom, jazz was protest music. In struggle, jazz offered shared, collective messages of black intellectual attainment – and beauty.

Yes, 2016 Was Crazy, But The Future Of Art Is Bright And Black – Waiting For Sankara’s Story


The book contains the speeches of two icons, Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro, who are equally loved, and hated by many. It also sheds some light on how these two giants related to each other as revolutionaries