Magufuli After 2 Years: How He’s Changed Tanzania, Waging War On Corruption…And Democracy

Magufuli is not only relying on repressive means to stay in power. He is also pursuing a programme that revives his popularity. Many still see him as a man of integrity.

The East And Horn Of Africa Soap Opera: Buckle Up For The Continent’s Most Headache-Inducing Political Dramas

If you are a foreign minister in the broader East African political region, you probably don’t get much sleep and can’t afford to switch your cellphone off

CRISIS IN THE GREAT LAKES 7: The UN, M23 Rebels, And The Tutsi Fear Of Another Genocide

SO WE ARRIVE at the place where we are today, with eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on fire again. But I must just tell one seemingly unrelated story. In early May of 2010 I was in Milan for some African brainiac event. I met a good chap who had been a close aide of former South African president Thabo …