Zambia Continues Slide Towards Authoritarianism, As IMF Throws In $1.2Bn To Prop Up Cash-Strapped State

Speaker of Zambia parliament suspended 48 opposition legislators because they missed President Edgar Lungu’s state of the nation address.

As The ‘Africa Rising’ Story Dies Out, IMF Chief Lagarde Warns Against Swing To Excessive Pessimism About Continent

Halfway through her question the power went off…Save for a few flickers, the rest of the event, also attended by CAR president Touadera, proceeded in darkness

Four Years Ago Mozambique Lost Its Head To The Distant Smell Of Fabulous Riches – Today It Can’t Even Pay Nurses

Studies used to justify the massive loans were ridiculous, assuming that Mozambique could sell tuna for four times as much as nearby Seychelles. It was like lending to a gambler who says, “I am broke but will surely win next time”

Best Of 2016: Seems The Chinese Threw Mugabe Under The Bus In His Hour Of Need

As Mugabe’s case teaches Africa’s strongmen, leaders who have grown accustomed to taking Chinese support for granted should think twice