The Lake Chad Basin Is One Of World’s Greatest Overlooked Crises: It’s Nothing Like Most Have Ever Experienced

A mother in Cameroon named Dayo told an aid worker that she was sometimes so hungry that she was losing her senses. “When somebody spoke to me,” she said, “I couldn’t even tell if it was a man or woman”

The Biggest Donors Of 2016: ‘Strange’ Year In Which Greece Got More Emergency Aid Than Chad, Zimbabwe

While conflict-ravaged South Sudan, followed by Somalia, were the largest recipients of humanitarian aid in Africa, the rest of the positions are taken up African giants Ethiopia, DR Congo, Nigeria, Sudan

AFRICAN CHRONICLES: In Central African Republic ‘Hell’, France Reportedly Steals Rwanda’s Glory

A GOOD SOURCE IN STRIFE-TORN CENTRAL AFRICAN Republic’s (CAR) capital Bangui, tells me that early in the week the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) in the peacekeeping force there, set off on a dangerous journey of about 700 kilometres to the border with Cameroon. Their mission was to secure passage for about 100 trucks carrying humanitarian aid and other provisions to …