The Prodigal Son Returns: Short On Money And Friends, Egypt Rediscovers Its African Roots

A major issue is Egypt’s entrenched culture of racism against black Africans. However, there is now more than US$8 billion of Egyptian investment in the rest of Africa and it contributes a hefty 12.5% of the AU’s budget

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES part 3: To Love Beyonce And Manchester United, Is To Walk Away From The Barricades

Today’s young people are coming to the job market in a period of plenty, and lots of glitz everywhere. Part of their needs are shaped by “envy”

AFRICA REVOLUTION SERIES Part 1: What Bricks, Mortar, Yams And Cellphones Have To Do With It

‘Development’ have politically paralysed the new class of African middle class house owners. They want more, but cannot risk losing what they have. And the more that they want is not radical.