Somaliland Changed Its Leader Democratically For Third Time In 14 Years – Impressive For An Unrecognised Nation, But Danger Lurks

Despite a peaceful and democratic poll, voting occurred largely along clan lines, perpetuating the politicisation of the clan.

Surprised? African Migrants From The Horn Braving It To War-Torn Yemen For The Gulf, Are Far More Than Those Trying For Europe

Despite Yemen’s vicious war, a vigorous kidnapping and torture-for-ransom industry, and threats of deportation by Yemenis and Saudis, Ethiopians and Somalis continue to travel to Yemen hoping to reach the Gulf.

US Doubles Down On Military Strikes In Somalia, Amidst Fears Of Rise In Civilian Deaths

There have been at least 20 American airstrikes and ground operations in Somalia so far in 2017, the highest ever recorded in a year.