As America Says Goodbye To Michelle Obama, Its Mom-in-Chief, The White-Black Feminist Divide Over Her Dies Down

While white feminists worried about the sexist implications of Obama’s maternal stance, black feminists pointed out that African-American women have rarely had the opportunity to prioritise motherhood. Economic necessity has meant that generations of black women have had to work outside the home

Democracy In The World Is In A Bad Way, But Gambia Gives Hope That The Bad Guys Don’t Always Win

Tough times: term limits have been overturned; Africa had many disputed elections. In the US, a racist was elected president, and in the Philippines they voted in a fouled-mouthed vigilante

Modern Voters Hate Very Rich People. Where Will They Go? Elon Musk And Obama Have A Plan

The chickens of the post-financial crisis settlement, are coming home to roost

View From Africa: Clinton, Trump, The US Election And How The World Became Too Big For America

Beyond the re-arrangement of global economic power, Hillary Clinton’s candidature is a turning point in the assault on the longest standing global order – male power