Somalis In World War 1: An Exhibition That’s Headed To Hargeisa Highlights An Overlooked Experience Of The Conflict

Somali sailors fought alongside Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar; and could have been present on the ship that carried the body of explorer David Livingstone home from Zanzibar in 1874.

By Backing Somaliland’s Port, Ethiopia Seeks To Grow More Muscle And Change Power Dynamics In Horn of Africa

Addis Ababa seeks to maintain Eritrea’s isolation, and weaken it to the point that it implodes and is formally reunited with Ethiopia. Or it becomes a pliant, client state

Somaliland Changed Its Leader Democratically For Third Time In 14 Years – Impressive For An Unrecognised Nation, But Danger Lurks

Despite a peaceful and democratic poll, voting occurred largely along clan lines, perpetuating the politicisation of the clan.

In Case You Didn’t Know ‘Breakway’ Somaliland Is Booming, Democratic And The Capital Hargeisa Is Quite Cool

Nightlife in Hargeisa is filled with music, drawing inspiration from 1970s funk, contemporary pop, and Somali storytelling again. You’ll find some of the best goat meat and tropical fruit smoothies in East Africa.