‘I Will Not Be Just Average’: How Football Took Aloh Francis From Uganda’s Warzone To Vietnam And Back

More than 50 years ago, six footballers from northern travelled to England. Famously playing barefoot, they defeated the Great British Olympic team 2-1. One of them, Okot p’Bitek, remained to study, going on to become a renowned East African poet.

Notorious Rebel Kony Outlasts His Ugandan And American Hunters, But Hides: Frustration And Fear Set In

“The LRA is disarray…Kony is growing old and losing the grip on the soldiers”. They will not attack security forces, but remain a menace to civilians.

I Am Not Who They Think I Am: Uganda And The Painful Business Of Post-Conflict Settlement

60,000 children and youths were abducted by the LRA rebels, and some 8,000 children were born as a consequence of sexual violence and wartime rape.

Kony 2012 Video, Sowing The Seeds From Which The Nightmare Was Born, And How We Got Here (Part 2)

I ran into Museveni on the late afternoon of, if I remember accurately, February 4, 1981. He was wearing a short sleeve beige shirt untucked, and khaki trousers, and ambling along in his trademark wobbly walk. He had pistol in a holster to his right side, and another one stuck into his belt to the left. Only months later did I …