50 Years After Nigeria’s Deadly Biafra War, New Agitation For Divorce: Here’s A Way To Fix The Problem

“We are like second class citizens, of the same status as a colonised people, except that this is internal colonialism, caliphate colonialism”

What Would It Mean For Nigeria’s Economy And Balance Of Power If Ailing Buhari Were To Leave Office Abruptly?

A cynical view of the Buhari government’s reluctance to let the naira float could be that this would cost Nigeria its prized position as Africa’s biggest economy.

Why Africa’s Dictators Live Long While Its Democrats Die Off Quickly: The Political Gods Have A Naughty Sense Of Humour

Ghana’s President John Atta Mills, died on Tuesday aged 68. If the gods of democracy exist somewhere out there, then they are sending very mixed signals to African democrats. There is now a nearly-established fact of African politics. The strongmen and dictators not only rule longer (naturally), they also seem to live longer than the democratic ones. In 2007 Nigerians …

Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi Smile Like Siamese Cats At London Somalia Meet; But What The Hell Is Going On In Kismayu?

•Kenya has trained and armed 4,500 Ras Kamboni fighters – while Al Shabaab has about 3,500 fighters left. •With ‘victory’ in Somalia near, the British have eased pressure on President Museveni to behave at home. •Ethiopia needed a trophy ahead of the London conference; it captured Baidoa. •Burundi’s Nkurunziza was feeling so good, he didn’t see the need to show …