Uganda Welcomes Refugees Warmly With The Left Hand, Then Steals From Them Big Time With the Right Hand

THE UN’s refugee agency wasted tens of millions of dollars in Uganda in 2017, overpaying for goods and services, awarding major contracts improperly, and failing to avoid fraud, corruption, and waste, according to a damning internal probe. The audit, by the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services, found multiple areas of mismanagement that were UNHCR’s responsibility, such as a $7.9 …

In Other Places, Proceeds Of Corruption Are Ploughed Back Into The Economy – Not So In Africa

In the cases of Malawi and Nigeria, the fight against corruption has clearly been favoured by changes in government.

Four Years Ago Mozambique Lost Its Head To The Distant Smell Of Fabulous Riches – Today It Can’t Even Pay Nurses

Studies used to justify the massive loans were ridiculous, assuming that Mozambique could sell tuna for four times as much as nearby Seychelles. It was like lending to a gambler who says, “I am broke but will surely win next time”

Hasn’t Been This Bad Since 1967-70 Biafra War: Africa’s Richest Country Needs Help In Boko Haram-Fuelled Food Crisis

As though the problems posed by the shortages are not bad enough, the distribution of relief material is fraught with allegations of corruption, mismanagement, fraud, and outright theft by government officials.