Only 100m Of 450m Africans Reaching Work Age Over Next Two Decades Can Hope To Find Stable Jobs. How To Fix That

If countries wait until today’s youth reach working age to create jobs, it will already likely be too late to avoid instability from the population explosion.

‘From Hair Stylists…To Doctors: The Unexplored Potential of Trade In Services’ In Africa

Tanzanian Maasai hair braiders are in high demand in Zambia, while Congolese, Kenyan, and Ugandan hairdressers are sought after by Tanzanian women

By 2050 Nearly 1.4 Billion Africans – 58% Of Continent’s Population – Will Live In Cities. Here’s What It Means In 10 Charts

Today, almost 90% of Gabon’s population lives in urban areas while hardly 12% of Burundians do